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About Wikiup Bed & Breakfast in Julian, CA

October 28th, 2011 by Innkeepers Lee and Linda

Wikiup Bed and Breakfast has been open since 1983. It operated under the name "Smith House" until late 1989 when Lee and Linda Stanley purchased the property. They renovated it, changed the name to LeeLin Wikiup Bed and Breakfast, and reopened for business in January of 1990.

As each room has come be, it has taken on a life and theme of its own, from serene to fantasy!! The Stanleys have undertaken to provide the serenity and casual atmosphere guests have appreciated during their stays here. But as casual and friendly as the ambiance may be, the goal the Stanleys has set, is to provide a get-away experience that leaves nothing wanting while guests are at the Wikiup.

Llama Treks in Julian California!

October 25th, 2011 by Innkeepers Lee and Linda

All day treks begin and end at Wikiup Bed and Breakfast in Julian, CA. Reservations are required with 24-hour notice, minimum two persons per trek. Treks are seasonal and subject to cancellation due to weather conditions.

Menghini Winery Llama Treks
This overwhelmingly favorite trek trailheads at Wikiup B&B and crosses overland through woods along a seasonal creek bed to a two-lane country road. The scenery changes to open range land and apple orchards. A leisurely hour is spent wine tasting and picnicking in the shade of the winery's own apple trees. Following your selection of a bottle of wine (one per couple), we return to Wikiup via the woods.

Eagle Peak Gold Mine Llama Trek
Kids vote this the most fun trek of all! We follow back country lanes from the Wikiup B&B through rural country neighborhoods lined with oaks and pines to a panoramic view of the Salton Sea, Vulcan Mountain and Julian townsite. The trek continues through the Julian Historical District to the Eagle Peak Gold Mine. After a 45-60 minute tour through the mine and its' grounds enjoy a leisurely picnic. The return trek to the Wikiup continues via rural paved roads.

View our Packages and Llama Treks page for more details!